About Us

No matter the size of your company, your IT purchase is always a crucial one. And typically it is no small penny when you make the investment. Our goal is to help you ensure that you get every penny’s worth of that investment. We approach every deployment as if we had purchased this equipment and are going to use it in our environment.

Every public cloud deployment is reviewed to ensure no unnecessary expenditure goes unnoticed or left unneeded. Every piece of equipment we recommend has our full support and has been fully tested and vetted for your use. We make our vendors prove why we should recommend their products. Our vendors have to provide real world results and metrics that meet or exceed their marketing ploys.

We look forward to showing you just what your IT equipment investment can really do for you!


Michael V. Bivins is an Electrical Engineer by education and Software/Systems Engineer by trade with experience in the full life cycle of projects from the developer aspect to Project Lead in the simulation training fields. Roles have included:

– Reverse engineering training systems to incorporate upgrades.
– Integration of IT systems to form complete Training Systems.
– Fielding and training users of simulation systems
– Information Systems Security Manager
– Systems Test Engineer
– Maintenance Training System Lead Engineer.

Key training device development:

– Transport aircraft maintenance simulators
– Helicopter Training System Retrofit
– Dismounted Infantry Training Systems
– Gunnery Training System.

Key Software and IT Experience:

– C, C++, Java, Ada
– GUI development (Java Swing fluent).
– IT Computer Lab development and management.
– IT systems security, user management
– Linux, Windows environments.
– IA execution.
– NISPOM compliance.
– A+ Certification